Manuell Temperaturføler Med app & skylagring Nå kan du ta i bruk vår manuelle temperaturføler som laster temperaturdata rett inn i Ageto-skyen Forhåndsbestill nå! begrenset antall SPAR

End of manual temperature measurements!

With our new temperature sensor directly connected to Ageto, you get an even faster and easier control over ALL your temperature measurements, even those places an automatic sensor are not suitable.

It is done as simple as that from the app you choose the temperature range to measure. Measures the area and then chooses to save or make a new measurement. You can also see the latest recorded measurements in the app.

Order you now cost it only 3500 kr + shipping!
What you get:
Ageto temperaturprobe sett
Special offers for all Pizza Bakers:

If you book Ageto Temperature sensor before 24 December, this costs only NOK 3500,- in establishment and NOK 0,- in monthly fee.

YOU SAVE NOK 1450,- IN ESTABLISHMENT AND NOK 1800,- per year in monthly fee.
Ordinary price NOK 4950,- + NOK 150,- per month.

We only have 100 pcs in stock so don’t wait too long.

All quoted prices are unten VAT.