Full control of employee hours


Get a good overview of your hours

To lead hours can in many cases be a heavy and time-consuming task. Ageto therefore comes with a simple and convenient solution that is incredibly time-saving. Time is money. Save time and increase productivity.

This solution has a simple check-in and check-out function that is complete against the system’s other modules. The hours can also be exported to external functions, such as the payroll system.

  • Easy hour-long running.
  • Convenient check-in and check-out function.
  • Overview and control of when employees come and go.
  • Seamless integration with guard planner and task management.
  • Possibility of export to external systems, e.g. wage system.
  • Automatic notification of errors and deviations by sms and email.
  • Automatic generation of anomaly report.
  • Follow-up functions with automatic notification.
  • Easy and secure storage of history.
  • Easily retrieve reports and documentation.

PIN code

Employees can use a PIN when stamping in and out so they can’t stamp for each other.


The ceo or payroll manager can take out stamping reports that provide an overview of the number of hours and wages per employee.