Full control of temperatures

Automatic temperature logging

With Ageto, you always have full control of important temperatures.

The Food authority’s controls constantly exhibit inadequate temperature control in businesses that manufacture, store, sell and manage food products. Therefore, Ageto offers a constant surveillance on all the main areas of the business.

The sensors are easy to install and temperature monitoring easy to deal with. In case of errors and deviations from predefined temperature intervals, the responsible ancesation is automatically notified by sms and email. That means you can sleep well at night, without worrying about the raw materials being tainted or destroyed by the wrong temperature.

You can install as many temperature sensors as you need to meet your needs. Whether it’s for freezers and cooling rooms, refrigerators, heating cabinets and garnish counters – or simply just to keep control of the room temperature.

With Ageto’s temperature control, you always have:

  • 24/7 monitoring of the temperature of the main control areas
  • Automatic notification by sms and email in case of errors and deviations.
  • Possibility of rapid implementation of corrective or mitigating measures.
  • Automatic generation of anomaly report.
  • Follow-up function with notification.
  • Easy and secure storage of history.
  • Easily retrieve reports and documentation.

Automatic temperature measurements

With redless sensors from Ageto, the temperature is logged 24 hours a day. The sensors measure on average every 10. minute and the system notifies you if there is anything abnormal.

Manual temperature measurements

There are many places where automatic sensors are not practical. Therefore, you can also enter manual measurements and control measurements. You can also set up automatic deviations when missing measurement.


You can get notification on both SMS and email if the temperatures are outside predefined values.


With Ageto, you can generate accurate temperature reports. These can be used for troubleshooting etc…