Full control of today's to-do

Task management

Get better structure in everyday life

Now the CEO/system administrator can easily enter tasks with the Task Management function. There are no restrictions on the number of tasks that can be entered.

Tasks can be entered as a one-time task or repetitive tasks (daily, weekly, etc.) They can be filtered by importance and frequency. You can also add who will perform the task, what time it will be performed, and who is responsible for the task being performed. In the event of an omalies, the responsible person is notified by SMS and email.

Filter task list

On your tablet, you can filter the task list on both task categories and responsible kompetase/guard so that you only see the tasks that are relevant.


Take out complete list reports that include; name, description, deadline, the person who performed the task and when. In addition, you get an overview of unperformed tasks.