COMPLETE DIGITAL CONTROL With the Ageto internal control system you have full overview and control - mise en place. All relevant documentation is just a few keystrokes away. Learn more


Always complete overview of critical temperatures. Automatic via SMS and email. This means that you can sleep well at night, without worrying about the destruction of ingredients.


Take complete control of all tasks. Create individual tasks or regular routines that can be performed daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.


It is very easy to set up watchlists. You have all the necessary information available and a full overview of available personnel and competence.


Easy and time-saving check in/out function that is connected to the system’s other modules.

Control out at your fingertips

Daily functions are easily controlled from the tablet.

TemperaturesAlways Full Control

On the tablet you can see the last measurement for all temperature zones, as well as the current highest and lowest temperature.
You can log manual temperature readings and process temperature deviations.

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TasksToday's tasks are clearly

On your tablet, you’ll find all of today’s tasks. You can filter the task list based on who is responsible for the task or which category the task belongs to.

Learn more about tasks

Stamping & WatchplanWho am I working with today?

On the tablet, you clock in when you go and get out.
You also get an overview of who is set up to work.

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